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Your smart Heat Pump Controller

We’re committed to revolutionising the landscape of heat pump management, whilst conserving energy and saving you money.

How does Planet Devices work?

Our cutting edge technology gives you a fully managed, end to end solution for you to track, maintain, monitor and even control your heat pumps seamlessly in one integrated system. 

Simply plug in the Atmo device, with an easy installation process and receive immediate data reporting back to the Planet Devices cloud, Sphere.

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heat pump installer dashboard

Helping you optimise your heat pump performance for unparalleled efficiency and peace of mind

Your bespoke access includes:


Concise Dashboard

View statuses, monitor error states, manage hardware, book service jobs and remotely control devices. A centralised heat pump solution. 


Real-time Performance View

A live snapshot of your heat pump hardware which shows various metrics for up to date visibility of performance and energy efficiency. 


Historic Cloud Data Storage

Sensor data is stored on a five second interval, with the ability to analyse, average and compare energy and temperature values that span years into the past.


Plus more!

cog and wrench easy installation

Easy installation

It is a no-code, plug and play device, making your installation easy and hassle free

data reporting

Immediate data reporting

Both send and receive data, giving you full control and visibility

Our Atmo device can help installers:


Reduce operating costs


Accelerate repair times


Generate repeat business


Monitor heat pumps for the entirety of their warranty period

Its lovely to be able to control everything with one simple app, from one device. These devices also offer some nifty features too. I love these things, my heat pump has one installed at home.

Graham Hendra
ABC Heat Pumps

Planet Devices is not only cheaper kit, it is easy to install as it's a dry installation - it's not necessary to cut into pipework to install probes and meters. This saves the engineer time and the homeowner money. It also gives access to the ability to remotely alter some of the settings which the two alternatives that spring to mind don't. And lastly I like working with a local company (Planet Devices are based in Plymouth, we're near Exeter) that are going places.

Sune Nightingale
Firepower Heating

I want to do some remote monitoring of my heat pumps. I want a tool which is NOT brand specific, I want the same tool and same platform for everything. Thanks to Planet Devices its possible. Its so simple even I can drive it. George Reburn thanks. V happy.

Graham Hendra
ABC Heat Pumps

The feedback from installers for Planet Devices has been very positive so far.

Steve Rhodes
Unitherm Heating Systems

Compatible with…

Mitsubishi electric

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